Creative Director

Visually connecting an audience to the story’s overall message for film, animation and the stage.

Creative Writer

Scriptwriter for animation and film, short stories, screenplays and theatrical plays.

Animator & Editor

I create animations for product explainers, video series, commercials, courses and presentations.

Voice Talent

Voiceover Talent for animation and film. Actress in various roles for film, TV and theatrical plays.

My Companies

Director, Scriptwriter, Voice Talent, Animator

Door5 Studios is an award-winning creative studio by Saorlaith Skye producing video content for global brands. We specialize in taking complicated or abstract ideas and creating a clear and simple message for a target audience to easily understand.

Playwright, Actress & Director

Come Die With Us is a fictional story written and performed by Saorlaith Skye that revolves around Laurel, an outgoing funeral home sales agent, who silently deals with loneliness and protecting herself against hope while appearing to be fine to those close to her.


Door Five Creative is an American production company owned by Saorlaith Skye producing theatrical plays, podcasts, online courses, live events, and films. We’re interested in topics that push the envelope, challenge conventional thought and uncover what many are afraid of sharing about themselves. Stories have clean language, are raw and honest. 

My Heart

To know me is to know my dog, Lyric. He’s taught me the meaning of pure love, without judgement or expectations. My heart has opened in more ways than I ever thought possible, and I owe a big part of that to Lyric.