My poetic journal about life …

Truth Will Heal You

The truth never changes. But we often bury our truth far into our subconscious and we don’t live our truthful self. When we walk around barefoot long enough, we build up a tolerance to the environment. Tolerance becomes a callus never healed. We appear to walk over glass without any pain because we’ve become desensitized to our bare souls until someone shares a story that resonates with our personal truth, and then we begin to reflect what life would be like if we simply healed that callus. I get it – it’s much easier to put shoes on and forget about it.

Emotional Health

If you had your arm accidentally cut off, would you seek help or would you silently bleed to death? I’m sure most of us would laugh and say, “Of course I’d get help!” Even strangers would be willing to call 911 to save your life. But, what about injuries under the surface that we cannot see? The red flags we notice and ignore because we don’t consider our mental health worth saving.


A loud knock on the door. Unexpected, so you’re not sure if you should open it. And you don’t have a peep hole or a window nearby to see who is there. If you opened it, you’d have blind faith. Which is not smart considering you’re alone and it’s 3 a.m. You have a choice. Do you trust logic or faith? Go back to bed or answer it? Be empowered in the story of letting go.

“We’re not always laughing.”

I’m not a comedian, life is. Life gives the punch line and I don’t always get it. I thought I wanted to be a comedian. I had this perception that people would only listen to what I had to say if it was funny, or light-hearted in context. I’m funny sometimes, mostly by accident. But in reality, we’re not always laughing. And there were many times when I needed to find laughter again. I had to clear out all the junk, one box at a time, and then open the curtains to see the light.

A Spotlight to Create Change

“I’m not afraid of failing, I just don’t know how to turn myself into the wind” – the Alchemist

Transformation is inevitable. Yet we often struggle with finding the tools to help us make the transition. Or we fear the timing is not ideal, and we give up pursuing a different path than the one we’re currently walking.

I’ve been given a lantern to light the way toward self-awareness, acceptance and forgiveness. I’m a guide grounded in the magic of being, while creating a safe space for others to reflect.

I’m a storyteller. Writing fiction when I use my imagination and to explore other perspectives, and truth when there’s a healing purpose to share.

As an introvert, I prefer deeper connections, and one-on-one interactions. Yet, I understand there is a reason for the spotlight. When we carry influence by sharing our own unique gifts with the world through the vehicle of a spotlight, we inspire change in others. The spotlight may be on a grand stage or in a local community. A spotlight may be a flashlight with a group of friends. After all, it’s the simple thought of shining a light that matters.

Dogs Lift Up Our Lives

This morning was beautiful. 70 degrees, sun out and low humidity. I took Lyric, my dog, out for our normal walk and saw a guy with his Golden Retriever who I’ve often seen in the neighborhood over the past 2 years I’ve lived in Leipzig. Most everyone knows their neighbors here or at least says hello. Leipzig is a fairly small urban town, it’s very green, friendly and you get to know other dog owners since we all walk the same circles.

As Lyric and I were walking this morning, I noticed the Golden was lying on the grass, alert and he looked at peace. His owner had just finished his breakfast and was getting up to leave. There was a wagon with a blanket and I knew it was there for the dog. Only six months ago, I had seen the Golden walking around the neighborhood. I watched the compassion this owner had for his senior dog as he lifted all 90 pounds of him into the wagon and it filled my heart. I know soon I will no longer see the Golden with his owner and my heart breaks for them both.

Love your seniors. I cannot fathom people who disregard their dogs because they can no longer walk, or no longer play like a puppy. They are loving souls to the end and should always be treated with compassion and respect as this guy had shown for his Golden. I will always be there for my dog Lyric no matter what road lies ahead. Love is eternal and I’m grateful every day for the joy Lyric brings to my life. Lyric lifts me up and I will be there one day to lift him up too.